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Regional and well-established retail and wholesale distribution company with deep Texas roots is seeking a CFO/Controller for their Coastal Bend corporate offices.  In this capacity you will:

  • Set the company’s financial strategy and direction
  • Oversee and drive team to achieve mutually agreed goals
  • Prepare and analyze company financials and road map with management
  • Previous experience in a Controller position with strong analysis & budgeting responsibilities
  • Exp. in inter-company transactions
  • Strong reconciliation skills
  • Exp. in an inventory-driven environment a +
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • 10+ yrs. accounting experience, CPA preferred.

Rental Coordinator

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Enjoy the sunshine in the Sparkling City by the Bay!  Well-established Corpus Christi rental equipment company is looking for a self-starter to grow with the company and earn their way up the ladder.  Corpus Christi is the 8th largest city in Texas–the perfect size for families or singles to enjoy a hometown atmosphere with plenty to keep you busy–beaches, sailing, fishing, museums, concerts, parks, etc.–all with South Texas hospitality!

  • Run a fork lift, move heavy equipment around
  • 85% time spent inside
  • Have ability to attach pictures of equipment to email
  • Dispatch pickup and delivery trucks
Background Profile
  • Knowledge of heavy equipment
  • Software navigation
  • Expertise in Excel and Word
  • Upbeat personality, personal people skills
  • Organizational skills & multitasking ability.
  • Some type of inventory control experience
  • $30-$35K DOE
  • Upward mobility
  • Health insurance 80% pd for employee
  • Pd 6 holidays
  • 401 K with 4% matching
  • 1/1, 2/3 yrs. Pd vacation

Executive Assistant

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  • COMPENSATION:  $18-$20/Hr.
  • Full Benefit Package
  • Full- Time Position
  • Immediate Hire

We are seeking an Executive Assistant to join our team!  You will provide high level administrative support for an Executive at our client’s company.

  • Handle administrative needs of Executive
  • Arrange conference calls and meetings
  • Plan work-related travel details
  • Receive visitors
  • Maintain and order supplies
  • Previous experience as an executive secretary, administrative assistant
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask
  • Strong attention to detail

Branch Manager

Are you tired of the “Big Bank” bureaucracy and looking for a pleasant community banking environment in rural Central Texas?

Contact Anne Wilson at 361-883-3535 or

If you are from the area, this is a great opportunity for a banking commercial lender to advance within a team-oriented, community bank environment, where there are no limitations on sales territory if the potential customer lives in Texas.

The role you’ll play:

  • Take care of customers
  • Grow the bank and your portfolio
  • Participate in community organizations and activities

Background Profile:

  • Expertise in Commercial Lending within a bank
  • 5++ years’ experience in banking as a loan officer
  • BS or BBA in Finance/Banking/Business or equivalent experience


  • Well above Standard + annual performance bonus
  • Cell Phone allowance

Commercial Loan Officer

Opportunity as Big as the Texas Sky

Contact Anne Wilson, 361-883-3535 or

Regional and well established financial institution (ranked top 100 U.S. banks) with deep Texas roots, located in the Permian Basin is seeking an experienced Commercial Loan Officer.  The institution has the financial ability for loans of any size–whether Commercial Loan (including agriculture), Mortgage in-house and secondary market, Brokerage services, Online & Mobile banking, Investment Services, Retail Brokerage Services, Cash Management, and more…

As the Commercial Loan Officer you will not be hindered by “territories”–loans can be attained from any area within the bank’s footprint.   Your role will be to originate and manage your own loan portfolio, with estimated 75% of your time offsite prospecting, entertaining, etc.  You will also participate in the monthly Community Advisory Board at the bank to source leads.

This West Texas community has a reasonable cost of living, low crime rate, private and public schools, as well as colleges and universities.

The Desirable Candidate will Have:

  • Expertise in Commercial lending
  • At least 5 years as a commercial loan officer
  • Experienced developer of leads and prospects, who has exceeded expectations
  • 4-year Degree strongly preferred

The Bank Offers:

  • Well-rounded compensation package including a competitive salary and the most outstanding 401K
  • Annual bonus subject to performance and production
  • Cell phone allowance and mileage
  • Upward mobility potential

New Year Resolutions

The new year is the perfect time to reevaluate your job search to see what is working and what you could improve on. The holidays also give you some time to prepare and get organized. Look at some of these resolutions and see what you can do to improve your job search and ring in the new year with a new job!

1. Your Resume. Make sure your resume is ready for the new year. Make sure the information is up to date. The resume should be clear and concise, one-page and spell checked. Make sure that the font is clean and looks professional.

2. Interviews. Make sure you are prepared for all of your interviews this New Year. Practice a 30 second pitch about yourself. Prepare your interview outfit look at our previous blog to see some ideas. Take some time to look up information about the companies you will be interviewing with and think of some questions you would like the interviewer to answer during the interview.

3. Your Skills. Do you need to brush up on your professional skills? This may include finishing a degree or taking a few technical courses to prepare for the workforce. Look into some job descriptions that you are interested in and see what skills you might need.

4. Networking. Look into some local networking events. Use google or your local newspaper to find networking event opportunities and try to go to at least one each week. Make sure you practice starting up a conversation before you go.

5. Get Organized. Clean up your desktop . Bookmark your favorite job sites (such as The Wilson Group [LINK]). Get some professional job searching business cards that you can leave at networking events or with potential employers.

6. Volunteer More. Not only will it look great on your resume but it will also grow your network. Volunteering can also help you hone your skills and gain new ones. So make good use of your time without a job and do something that will impact others’ lives as well.

7. Your Attitude. Do everything you can to maintain a positive attitude. These are trying times but keeping a great attitude is half the battle!

We hope these resolutions will help with your job search in the New Year. For more tips and job opportunities check out our website.

Writing a Cover Letter

Cover letters are meant to compliment your resume and tell a prospective employer how your experience benefits them. Because of this, they must be tailored for each position to which you apply. To help make the process less time consuming, here are some general guidelines you can use to make your cover letter stand out amongst the competition.

Keep the overall theme employer-oriented.
If the story you are trying to tell doesn’t relate to the open position or the company’s needs, do not include it. Also, avoid using the word “I” as much as possible.

Start off strong.
Your first paragraph should be a value-packed statement showcasing what you offer and how it relates to the position you are applying. To prevent your cover letter just being skimmed by the Hiring Manager, emphasize the job title to catch their eye. Save space for valuable information by avoiding stating the obvious like your name (which should be in the contact header) or “I am writing…”.

Show that you would be an asset for the company.
A good way to style the body of your cover letter is by bulleting your skills and/or qualifications in no more than three to five bullets. The benefit to this approach is that it provides quick and easy readability for the Hiring Manager. Look at the job posting and emphasize your experience with their job requirements towards the top of the list, since these are the most important to them. Use specific examples and numbers to support your claims and show a clear image of your skills.

End with an action statement.
Rather than say you hope to hear from them soon, state that you would appreciate the opportunity to meet for an interview to further explain how your qualifications meet their needs. Be sure to tell them how and when you will follow up to schedule a meeting. If the job posting requests no calls to the company, then simply repeat your contact information for easy reference.

Beginning your job search can be a tedious process, and we are here to help and make it as easy as possible. Call us at 361.833.3535 or contact us online to learn how we can help!

Jobs in South Texas: Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Texas now accounts for 48 percent of U.S. oil and gas rigs and nearly a quarter of the world’s rigs with 848 open working rigs in the state. With the job boom from the oil and gas industry, many jobs are opening up. We have found that about 1,500 jobs were added from June to July in the Corpus Christi area, alone. This increase dropped the unemployment rate to 6.3 percent. This is much lower than the national unemployment rate of 7.4 percent. Last year the unemployment rate was 7.0 percent for the Corpus Christi area July 2012.

With all of these new jobs opening up in the South Texas area, being informed in your job search is more important than ever. Since so many jobs are becoming available in the area, you will need to be vigilant in finding a career that will fit your skills and ambitions. You should come to your interview armed with the right questions to ask your potential employer.

What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 2 or 3 months I work here?
This question shows the employer you are ready to work and gives you a good look at what the employer will expect from you. It is important to know what skills you will be expected to have when you first start your job to see if that position is best suited for your level of experience.

What are some key traits you expect someone in this position to have?
This question will tell your employer that you are in this job long-term; that you hope to be a good employee and make this position the best that it can be. The answer the employer gives will tell you more about the job. If the employer says you will need to be “creative” or “independent” you will probably be on your own. If they say you need to be “patient” or a “leader” it could mean the opposite.

Do you like working here? What made you choose to work here?
The answers or lack of an answer to these questions will tell you quite a bit about the company. Though you might love the company as an outsider, the interviewer can give you an insiders perspective. The interviewer will also like to reflect on their own opinions to answer this question. If they like their job, this should be easy.

What improvements or changes would you like a new person to bring into this position?
This question can fill the potential employer with optimism. It will help them to think about how this position can help their company to grow. The answers will tell you how the employer wants the business to grow and how you will be utilized.

How do you plan to deal with…?
There will always be challenges in any field. This challenge may have to do with new technology or shifting economic trends. If this is a job created in the South Texas boom, you may want to ask what will happen when the boom ends and how your employer will deal with that challenge. This will show your employer that you care about the company for the long run. The answers will tell you how the employer deals with change, how stable your job is in the future, and what the employer’s long term plans are for the company.

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8 Things You Should Know About Millennials in the Job Market

You may be hearing more and more about of the term “Millennials” when discussing job searching these days. That is because this group of individuals is are currently taking over the work force. Millennials include everyone born from 1982 to 2000, which is roughly 70 million Americans. Though you might not think it is wise to hire a twenty-something right out of college with less experience, you should give it another look. Before discounting all of these  Generation Y’ers as “kids”, here are 8 things you should know about them.

1. They like flexible work spaces. Millennials are constantly connected, whether it be to a laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Last month, oDesk reported that about 90 percent of Millennials are interested in flexible work arrangements. Being connected all the time leaves room for millennials to leave the office and work from home or the local coffee shop.

2. They’re technologically inclined. The most definitive feature of millennials is their knowledge and immersion in technology. Millennials have a knowledge of computers and social media far beyond that of older generations because this technology is already part of their lives. It might even save money on tech support if you hire employees that cannot remember life without internet.

3. They may be cost efficient. People that graduate during a recession are much more likely to settle on a starting salary. This gives applicants with less experience a lower price tag than those that are more qualified. Depending on the position, a lower price tag with a little extra training might be exactly what you need.

4. They’re adaptive. With the economy as it is today, there is no telling what the future will bring. Millennials thrive on this mindset. They welcome change and can adapt to fit the needs of the job. Millennials are also more willing to learn new about technology, and are constantly up to date from internet news sources.

5. They’re team players and love to collaborate. They share ideas through all kinds of social media sites and internet databases. This skill makes millennials ideal candidates for group work, large projects and collaboration.

6. They are ambitious.  According to an article in The Atlantic, productivity has significantly increased since 1995, while wages have stayed about the same. This means millennials are working much harder for the same pay. Millennials also value career progression and personal growth above all other factors in their current job.

7. They’re impatient. Millenials want answers right now. Most of this is due to the accessibility to the internet, but if millennials want an answer to a question they find it immediately. This makes them virtual bloodhounds on the researching front. However, this aversion to ambiguity also causes impatience for questions to be answered by others in the workplace.

8. They like helping the community. Millennials love green initiatives. According to the Rapid Learning Institute, 50% of millennials have done some sort of community service in the past year. Include an environmental effort or charitable cause and millennials find a sense of pride in their work and feel that sense of meaning. They have a need for a meaningful job and prioritize meaningful work over pay or achievement.

Individuals in the “millennial” category are different from any other demographic in the workplace. Whether you find this good or bad, it is a reality. Millennials are here to stay and adjusting your workplace or hiring a millennial might be just what you need.

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Professional Networking

Networking is often a tool that goes unused during a job search. Yes, it may be intimidating reaching out to others. However with the market now flooded with plenty of candidates, employers are finding more value in applicants with trusted, mutual connections. By properly utilizing connections, your chances of receiving a job offer are increased. So how do you network?


  • Use LinkedIn…correctly!

    • First, understand that LinkedIn is not just another social media platform. Use your account professionally. Join networks that are relevant to your field and previous experience. Start discussions that are professional and thought provoking. Also, use an appropriate picture. Be sure your profile picture is not pixelated or grainy. Make the investment to have a nice professional photo taken by a friend or photographer in good lighting. Make sure the picture is appropriate for your industry, and that you are presenting yourself the way you would like to be seen by your potential employer. Your picture should be memorable, not boring.

  • Maintain your connections

    • Don’t overwhelm your contacts, but also don’t underutilize them. There should be a healthy balance of communication with the people in your network. Avoid constantly emailing or calling a particular person, but communicate with them often enough so they remember who you are.

  • Get involved

    • Join professional organizations around your area that relate to your field. Not only is this a resume booster, but you will get to know other professionals around the area. Also, see if your alma mater has an alumni association in town that meets regularly. Who knows, maybe one of your former college classmates could be the key to finding your dream position.


Networking is great both during a job search and after one. Even after you have a job, maintaining your network can be a great way to know other professionals and industries. You never know when you may need to utilize those connections again!

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