Branch Manager

Are you tired of the “Big Bank” bureaucracy and looking for a pleasant community banking environment in rural Central Texas?

Contact Anne Wilson at 361-883-3535 or

If you are from the area, this is a great opportunity for a banking commercial lender to advance within a team-oriented, community bank environment, where there are no limitations on sales territory if the potential customer lives in Texas.

The role you’ll play:

  • Take care of customers
  • Grow the bank and your portfolio
  • Participate in community organizations and activities

Background Profile:

  • Expertise in Commercial Lending within a bank
  • 5++ years’ experience in banking as a loan officer
  • BS or BBA in Finance/Banking/Business or equivalent experience


  • Well above Standard + annual performance bonus
  • Cell Phone allowance

Experienced Diesel Mechanic – Immediate Hire

Must Live in the Corpus Christi Texas Area

Contact Anne Wilson at 361-883-3535 or

This national company offers upward mobility, and on-going training.  Great opportunity for experienced diesel mechanic.


  • Repair automobiles, trucks, buses, and heavy equipment
  • Perform routine vehicle maintenance
  • Use diagnostic tools to test vehicle components
  • Perform quality inspections prior to returning the vehicle to the customer


  • 2-5 years experience, minimum
  • Must own tools
  • Knowledge of shop equipment
  • Strong mechanical aptitude and troubleshooting skills
  • Deadline and detail-oriented
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

$21-$28/hr., DOE. Uniforms provided. Full benefits after 90 days.

Looking For A Job? What We Can Do For You!

Finding a job can be stressful; there are lengthy applications, intimidating interviews, and the anxiety that accompanies every stage of the job finding process. Before even applying for a job, it’s important to have a strong resume, impressive interview skills, and a clear idea of which career field you best fit in. Luckily enough, we offer training and aid services to help you with these often difficult facets of your job search!


Resume Aid – Because your resume is often the first impression an employer has of you, a clean and well organized resume is pertinent to your job search. We can help you update, organized, and format your resume during a resume refresher session, taking an already existing resume and make it the best it can be!


Online Application Training – Online applications can often be confusing. We can train you how to organize and create a strong online application, which is the first step in landing an interview.


Interview Coaching – It is normal to be nervous before and during interviews. However, solid preparation and coaching for the interview can help to reduce nerves and perfect your interview skills. We offer one hour training sessions in which you will be asked a myriad of questions that often arise in interviews. We will also cover job-winning answers and answers to avoid giving during interviews.


Find Your Career Path – Before switching careers or choosing a new one, we can help assess your skills and past employment, as well as your job preferences, to help guide you to a new career.


We want to find you the perfect employment match! For more information on the services we provide, please visit our website or call us at (361) 833-3535.

National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and it comes as no surprise that job searches are definitely stressful. Being stressed is never fun and can even lead to negative health consequences so we want to help you take the stress out of your employment hunt. Read on to see our tips for de-stressing your job search!


Clean Up Your Resume

Being confident in your resume can take unneeded worry out of the equation. Taking time to organize and remove clutter from your resume can be a great way to destress from your job search. A clean and logically ordered resume is easiest for employers to read and understand. Instead of paragraphs, use bullet points and simplify your word choices for increased readability. List your past employment in order from most recent to less recent and remove any extraneous details that may cloud the overall message of your resume.


Take the Stress Out of Your Interview


Nervous for a big interview? Try listening to some pump up jams on your way there to take your mind off the impending meeting. Get there early, take a deep breath, and review the material you brought with you.


Take the Day Off


Turn off your computer and put down the employment classifieds. Spend the day relaxing, trying a new restaurant, hanging with friends, or reading a good book. Think about everything but your job search.

Remember How Great You Actually Are


Searching for a job can be stressful. Are you the right fit for this job? Is this job right for you? It’s easy to get weighed down and frustrated when your job search isn’t as speedy or fruitful as you would like it to be. But don’t get disappointed. Take a moment to reflect upon the fact that you are qualified, talented and worthy of great employment.


Though there is no way to totally eliminate stress, you can definitely diminish it! Let us help you reduce your stress even more by letting us help you with your job search. Contact us by phone here – 361.883.3535 or visit our website.

Don’t Let Your Social Media Accounts Keep You From Getting Hired

p dir=”ltr”>Everyone knows that job hunting is constantly changing. This change has been particularly accelerated because of increased use of online tools from both job seekers and employers. One outlet that is becoming more prevalent is social media. Companies and recruiters make no secret of screening a candidate’s personal profiles during the hiring process, and they do so frequently. While some may be uncomfortable with the thought of a future employer looking at their personal sites, it is a good way to indicate whether or not the candidate’s personality will be a good fit with the company as a whole. Now that you know your personal social media accounts may be under the microscope, don’t let them keep from getting a job!

Content: Make sure what you post is professional, or at least appropriate. Choose your shares, retweets, and status updates wisely. Try talking about information related to the field or company you are interested in. Sharing directly from the company’s profile also helps!

Bio: This information is often forgotten, but equally as important as your content. Even if your content is great, a sloppy or inappropriate biography/interests section can hurt you. Think of this section as your personal resume. Have a concise description of yourself, include some traits and interests, and ‘Like’ or follow good pages. This will be the place where a company can quickly get an idea of your own personality, so make it count!

Photos: A picture says a thousand words. Maybe it’s time to take down those photos from college that you would not even want your parents to see. Don’t have inappropriate pictures lurking around your profile that could damage a future employer’s perception of you! Have a clean profile picture, and clear out any pictures you would rather have out of your employer’s reach.

We hope this helps you in your job search. What are your thoughts on social media and the hiring processes?

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Interview Questions You Are Guaranteed To Hear

Every job is different, and each company you interview with is unique. However, there are some things that you can expect every time you sit down with an interviewer. We would like to give a cheat sheet of what you can expect to hear (and how to respond).

What attracted you to this company?

Companies like to hear you brag about them! Do your research before the interview and make a list of services offered or values held by the company to bring up during the interview. This shows you interviewer that you cared enough about the company and position to take the time to get to know about them.

When can you start?

You need to be able to answer this question on the spot, not sit and think about it in front of the interviewer. If you are unemployed and available immediately, tell them so. If you are trying to change jobs, you need to be sure to have time to get your affairs in order before switching. Set yourself a good time frame to accommodate whatever your situation is.

Tell me about yourself.

We often focus so much on preparing to answer questions about the company that we forget to think about ourselves. This is such an important question because it is a chance for your interviewer to see who you are off the page. We actually have gone in depth with this question here.

Do you have any relevant previous experience?

Your interviewer already knows you do. You would not be sitting in the interview if the company did not think you were at least somewhat qualified for this position. This is an opportunity to expand on the limited space on your resume and give some examples. Think of three specific projects or accomplishments to talk about to show how your skills in this field were put into action.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Interviewers wants to make sure that you are seeking a long term commitment with the company, and not simply jumping from one job to the next. However, it is important to emphasize that you want to grow in this position and not remain stagnant. Think about specific goals you have for the position, or even a desire to move up to some type of leadership role. This will demonstrate that you want to stay within the company, but you will be actively working to do so.

We hope that these tips will guide you in your job search during your interviews! Let us know how they’ve helped you! For more updates about The Wilson Group and advice for job seekers, please follow us on Facebook  and Twitter.

Recent Graduate? Sell Yourself With Your Resume


Regardless of the degree you’ve just earned, you will soon spend some time in sales. If you’ve never done so before, you will get your chance when convincing employers that you are exactly what they need.

You should market yourself with your resume as effectively as you sell yourself in an interview. A resume that separates you from other recent graduates, as well as established candidates, is more likely to get you an interview. To make a successful sale, you need to know and understand your current assets.

Relevant Experience – Yes, you have it!
No matter what kind of job history you have, you’ve developed a few skills that are relevant to your current career ambitions. Even if they were not used in the same way as will be expected in your new career, there are many basic transferable skills, such as leadership, customer service, and problem solving. Spend time reading job descriptions that interest you to locate keywords and terminology that relate to your skills to use in your resume. A chronological work history many not help if your most recent work is the least relevant. You can remedy this problem by listing industry internships and giving them more prominence by writing more detailed descriptions than the less relevant experience.

The Cover
Yes, cover letters aren’t always required, but in the job market, you need to take every opportunity you can find to stand out. Writing a cover letter can show your personality, ability to write in a professional manner, and your willingness to be comprehensive and detail-oriented in your work. Your cover letter should be specific to the job for which you’re applying. Read the job description carefully and incorporate relevant keywords that speak to the specific skills and qualities needed for the position.

Flexibility vs. Indecisiveness
When you’re fresh out of college, it’s important to be open minded. You may not get the exact job you want, but you might find a good opportunity you never considered. However, you shouldn’t leave out all of your specific aspirations in an attempt to be flexible. Of course you want to get a job quickly, but you don’t want to appear desperate or seem like you have no real vision of what you want your career to look like.

The most important aspect of making yourself a marketable candidate is focusing on what makes you special and what you can bring to an employer. A new graduate should do this through balancing humility with confidence, and that can include asking for help. The Wilson Group offers resume appraisals, interview coaching and career coaching to candidates. Click here  for more information.


We are eager to get you matched perfectly with the right talent or the right employer. Our years of experience translate to great starts.

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