You don’t just want to fill a slot – you want a perfect match. The Wilson Group understands. We have an incredible ability to connect you to the talented, dependable employees you need.

Your Needs. Your Goals. Your Match.

We listen to your requirements and our candidate’s expectations to target the perfect match. We’re dedicated to being your staffing solution. Why choose us?

Several reasons:

  • Expertise in oil and gas
  • Expertise in banking, financial/accounting and manufacturing.
  • Complete dedication to exceptional customer service.
  • An emphasis on candidate fit.
  • We stay on top of the latest issues, information, and legislation.

Direct Hire Matches

Temporary / Contract Matches

– Oil and Gas
– Financial / Accounting
– Executive
– Manufacturing
– Banking
– Engineering
– Human Resources
– Administrative
– Clerical
– Medical
– Accounting
– Legal
– Light Industrial

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We are eager to get you matched perfectly with the right talent or the right employer. Our years of experience translate to great starts.

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