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“The Wilson Group did an outstanding job in lining me up for a great paying management position, in a tough job market. Often times former military entering the workforce must start at an entry-level position. The Wilson group helped me obtain an offer at a middle management level, well above what could be achieved on my own.”

Roderick Benson

“In April of 2006. I relocated back home from the Dallas area due to family circumstances. I had been working for Freddie Mac for the previous eight years and held a position with excellent pay and benefits. Knowing the difference in the job market, I knew I would be facing many challenges finding comparable work and pay.

After several weeks of looking on my own, I decided to contact The Wilson Group. My experience with the staff there was great! They are all so professional and helpful, and in no time had several interviews lined up for me. Within weeks, they had matched me with a job with excellent benefits and pay.

I am forever grateful to everyone at The Wilson Group!”

Kathy Schubert


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