What Does a Good Work Environment Look Like?

When considering the aspects of a job, it’s important to think about the work environment and the effect it can have on your day-to-day life. Having a great work environment can add important benefits to your life that will help you be successful at the office.


Anyone who has had a boss or supervisor has probably uttered the words “I just don’t know what he/she wants me to do.” Lack of communication is a common problem that we face each and every day. Great communication amongst co-workers is a sign of a great work environment and provides a major benefit – less confusion and clear direction when tackling projects. Regardless of where you land on the hierarchy chart at the office, great communication skills are essential to being efficient at work. If you’re communicating your thoughts clearly you will be more productive and successful at work.


A work environment that breeds’ team spirit can create a sense of unity that benefits the people working in that environment. After all, we are all human and when work gets tough, it’s a great feeling to know you have your co-workers to support you. Clear communication can lay out what a company’s goals are and from there you and your co-workers can get behind that goal to accomplish it together. Having a team-oriented office is an important benefit of a successful work environment because it can keep people from feeling isolated and overwhelmed with their jobs.


Showing recognition for hard work can be critical to creating a successful work environment. Merit based recognition is the key to this being a positive benefit in the workplace. Often times praise is not given to the correct people when a major accomplishment is achieved. Being sure to give appreciation and praise to the right people can create a work environment that is enthusiastic towards producing superior work. As an employee, this will help you feel appreciated and it will motivate you to continue to excel at the office.


A positive work environment can entail many things. The ideas previously listed are important principal ideas that provide benefits such as an enjoyable, efficient, and successful workplace. Remember to attain a great work environment and to yield these benefits your office needs to be full of clear communicators, form a team focused atmosphere, and always recognize superior work by showing appropriate praise and appreciation. If you’re looking to find a great work environment, come check out our website, where we can find a perfect match for you!


How To Fall In Love With Your Job

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, love is in the air. However, this is not the typical romance advertised for February 14th. This Valentine’s day we are focusing on loving your job. Just because you may not have your ultimate dream job, does not mean you cannot love your job. Enjoying your job not only helps your mental health, but it also helps you succeed in life. Whether you are just embarking on your career path, or have matured through the workforce, these tips will help you learn to love your job.

Tips for Loving you Job:

Focus On the Positives
We all know the feeling when we wake up early and all we want to do is to hit the snooze button. Getting up early for a nine to five job, seven days a week can become a drag. However, instead of waking up and focusing on the lack of sleep you got, or facing a traffic filled commute, focus on something positive about your job. Once you have that one positive attribute about your job, amp it up! This can be anywhere from enjoying spending time with your coworkers, interesting assignments, to opportunities for learning. Changing how you perceive your job can make all the difference. Even if there is no tangible change, having a positive attitude will not only help you enjoy your day more, but it will also encourage a positive workplace for everyone else in the office.

2. Surround Yourself With Those You Love
Sometimes the key to happiness within a career is being surrounded by those you love. Having a strong relationship with your coworkers and your superiors can turn any job into one you feel passionate about. The key to enjoying your job is being surrounded by people
who you enjoy and you look forward to spending time with. The fact of life is that you will be spending a lot of time with people you work with, so creating and maintaining positive relationships will allow you to enjoy going to work each day.

3. Ask For More Responsibility
Having a routine is great, but sometimes routines at work become tedious, which only increases boredom. Feeling unimportant within a company can take a tole on how you perceive your job. If you feel as though you are completing the same tasks at work on a daily basis, ask for more responsibility! Having more responsibility will add a new element of interest into your daily responsibilities and it will look impressive in the eyes of your supervisor. Tackling a new challenge at work increases your skill set, allows for opportunities for learning and growth, and can open you up to new and interesting people at your company.

This Valentine’s day focus on what you love about your job, and what you can do to change what you don’t love. Remember The Wilson Group is here to help you find that job you love. For more information and tips on landing a job you love visit our website.

Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Not getting any job offers? Frustrated with how long your job search is taking? Ask yourself the following questions to be sure your are not sabotaging your job search.

1. Do you only look when you’re desperate?
Never stop networking, even when you’re at your dream job. You never know what might happen, and if you have an updated LinkedIn page and you’ve kept up with your connections, a recruiter may be contacting you before you’re even looking for a job.

2. Are you bringing up money too soon?
Don’t let hiring managers think that you’re more interested in how much the job pays. Money is a delicate subject and don’t ask too soon, or you may turn off your hiring manager.

3. Have you talked bad about your last company?
Always be professional. That means no bashing your last company, no matter what your feelings are. Don’t let hiring managers think that you might do the same after you leave their company as well.

4. Is your resume the length of a Tolstoy novel?
Short, sweet, and to the point. Only include what’s relevant. You need your resume to be attention-grabbing. Not dread-causing.

5. Have you forgotten your manners?
Always write a thank-you note after an interview. E-mail AND handwritten. This is your chance to say anything you didn’t say during your interview.

6. Have you harrassed your hiring manager for answers?
No one enjoys the child on the road trip constantly asking “Are we there yet?” So don’t be that person to hiring managers. If you got the job, they will contact you.

7. What comes up when you Google yourself?
Always double-check what comes up when you Google yourself. If your social media pages/websites are anything but professional, that will definitely hurt your chances of getting the job.

8. Are you too picky?
Are you only applying to jobs with a certain job title at a certain company? Expand your job search and your options. Don’t limit yourself based on salary. Yes, you should know what salary range you’d want, but also keep in mind things that help if salary isn’t quite ideal: benefits, hours, vacation, etc.

9. Are you unwilling to take chances on contract/temporary work?
This could really help you get to networking within a company. Many companies will hire people who have worked temporarily for them after seeing the difference they make in the company. It is always a good thing to do to get your foot in the door.

10. Are you too self-obsessed?
If you walk into an interview embittered by application rejections and a lack of job offers, you’re most likely thinking “what’s in this for me?” Well, don’t. Companies are trying to find the best fit for the position, and you need to prove that to them.

So have you been doing these things? If so, then it is OK. Now you know what to do to make sure that you’re job-searching properly.

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