Job Searching in December

The holiday season is slow when it comes to job searches. However, this is the prime time to be searching, as everyone else assumes recruiters have backed off. Don’t miss the opportunities the holidays bring by loosening the reigns on your job search. Recruiters are still out in full force and you could be just the one they are looking for! We have compiled some tips to help you navigate your job search this holiday season.


Holidays are filled with parties and schmoozing. What more perfect time to network than times like these? Put yourself out there by introducing yourself to as many people as possible. Be open in communicating with those you meet about your job search. Others may not be aware that you are looking for a job, however, if you mention to them you are in the market for a job, you may be surprised with what people have to offer!


There is not a more appropriate time than the holidays to reach out to old acquaintances. Are there old people you once knew that could be potential connections (old roommates, friends, colleagues)? Consider calling these friends to wish them a happy holiday and see what they have been up to. This could open the door to job opportunities, and if not you will at least reestablish some cherished relationships! If a phone call is too intimidating, a greeting card with a personalized life update is a sufficient alternative to let the person know you are seeking connections!

Leave Doors Open

There are many opportunities that only arise during the holiday season. For example, temporary jobs. Although they are not glamorous, they may give you just the leverage you need for landing a full time position after the holiday season. Similarly, volunteer opportunities are at their peak during the holiday seasons. Look to serve at different functions around your city as a way to network and gain skills for your resume.

Take advantage of your job search this holiday season by putting yourself out there and remaining confident. Employers will notice the extra effort you exude during a time where most are relishing in holiday festivities!

We wish you a merry job searching holiday season!

Don’t Put Your Job Search on Hold for the Holidays

Conventional wisdom holds that November and December are terrible months to look for a new job. After all, everyone has either physically or mentally “checked out” for the holidays, right?

Not necessarily.

While you may see a reduction in the number of positions listed on job boards, a lot is still going on behind the scenes. In fact, if you play your cards right, the holiday season can be a great time to find your next opportunity.

Here are a few tips for your holiday job search:

• Take Advantage of Reduced Competition
Many job seekers buy into the myth that the end of the year is a good time to slack off. That means reduced competition for you and your resume. Also, because hiring managers are receiving fewer resumes, they may see it as a good time to catch up, giving your resume an even better chance of being seen.

• Network at Holiday Parties
Whether you love or dread the constant flurry of parties and celebrations during the holiday season, the fact is that they can be a great place to network. Of course, you’ll want to take a different, more laid-back approach – nobody wants the hard sell on your qualifications while they’re at the eggnog bowl. But it doesn’t hurt to gently mention you’re in the market and see if you get some nibbles.

• Enjoy the Nostalgia Factor
How many times have you reconnected with an old friend around the holidays? People get nostalgic this time of year, so you may have a chance to touch base with someone you haven’t thought of in a while who can help with your job search. Pay attention to the holiday cards you receive and messages on your social sites – it might pay to rekindle an old relationship.

• Ring in the New Budgets
Many departments receive new budgets in January. So, while they may not be looking to start new employees in November or December, they might be ramping up to have people in place for the new year.

We’ll still be in full swing helping job seekers throughout November and December. Be sure to keep an eye on our list of open positions and contact us if you’d like some help with your job search, no matter what time of year it is!


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