Interview Follow Ups

Walking out of an interview can be a great feeling. You’ve gotten yourself in the door, made connections, made a great impression and now it’s just a waiting game to see if you are the chosen applicant for the job, right? Wrong! This is a common misconception many people have after interviewing for a job. After an interview it is crucial to follow up with the company to express your gratitude and reiterate your interest in the position. Oddly enough, this could be the most important step in the interview process. There are several ways to go about this and you must be sure not to cross the line of staying in touch and nagging your contacts. Here are some tips on the appropriate ways to follow up and complete the final phase of your interview.

1. Take a business card. Be sure to get a business card from each person that interviews you. If they do not offer one, do not be afraid to ask. Getting this will show them you’re interested in keeping in contact and provide you with all the needed information to reach out to them in the future.

2. Get a time frame. Ask for the hiring deadline so that you know when it is appropriate to reach out to them regarding their final decision if you have not yet heard from them. This serves as a quick reminder letting them see your interest and is a way for you to find out if the hiring process has been extended.

3. The first 24 hours are key. Email is today’s primary and fastest form of communication, so use it! Send a follow up email to thank your interviewer for his or her time, briefly highlight again why you believe you are a strong candidate and include anything important you may have forgotten to say in the actual interview. While 24 hours after the interview is appropriate, the sooner the better, so send the email within the first few hours following in order to show you are efficient and motivated.

4. Snail mail is still alive! Sending a hand-written thank you note in addition to an email will stress your interest and add a personal touch. Keep a set of stationary and stamps at your desk so you are able to write the letter and put it in the mail immediately following your interview. This does not have to be a novel, but rather a simple, sincere and to the point note expressing your appreciation.

5. Feel free to check in. If the interview process drags over a long period of time, send a quick email to keep your line of communication open every so often. Emailing the company once a week would be overkill, but if you interview in the fall and a position will not open till the spring, sending a brief email once a month is acceptable. Doing this will keep your name current and at the top of their list so when an opportunity arises you’re sure to come to mind.

Forgetting to follow up after an interview is a mistake that no interviewee has room to make and can make or break a career opportunity. Employers take time out of their schedule to interview you and it is necessary they know you are respectful of their time and consideration. Following up is easy and requires minimal time, so be sure to actively do so to protect your professional reputation and keep you in the running for your dream job!

Follow-Up or Be Forgotten

Following up on an interview can be tricky business. You want to ensure you stand out among the other applicants, but not for the wrong reasons. Here are three ways to follow-up after an interview that won’t get you on the block list.

1. Send a thank-you note. – This should be done no matter what. Whether it is a handwritten note sent the next day or an email immediately following the interview, a thank-you note goes a long way. It shows you are interested and thankful for their time. Keep it brief and sincere.

2. Share a relevant industry article. – In order to keep up the engagement and help the recruiter remember you, try sending him or her a relevant article. Make sure the article is from a credible source, is current, and pertains to something discussed during the interview. This keeps the lines of communication open and shows you have industry knowledge.

3. Ask to connect on LinkedIn. – You’re looking to be part of this organization. Connecting on LinkedIn shows you are ready to take the next step. When you send the request, be sure to write a customized note so they know who you are and what your purpose is. If you can, provide an incentive for them as well by offering to connect them with a relevant industry contact of yours. It’s all about who you know.

While doing these follow-ups doesn’t guarantee a job, they can help set you apart from the rest. Showing you are eager to be part of their team as well as knowledgeable about their industry is imperative in the job-hunting process. If you need help with finding the right career match for you, visit our website and set up an appointment. We can help you every step of the way!


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