Finding the Perfect Match

Finding the perfect match for both candidates and companies is a challenging process. Candidates want to make sure that they can meet the expectations of the company and companies want a candidate that is going to be successful and beneficial to the company as a whole. So how do you find a perfect match? That’s where we come in. Here at The Wilson Group, we pride ourselves on being the experts in the field of employee management. We employ a staff with over fifty years of recruiting experience, which is a testimony to how successful we are. We set the bar high in our industry, simply by making the perfect match.

If you’re a company looking for a new candidate, know that we want to give you exactly what you want – and we are willing to search high and low to meet your needs and desires. When you’re looking for that special, accomplished person, our executive search reaches worldwide to locate the best performers. From captains of industry to Wall Street wizards, sales/marketing mavericks to multilingual receptionists – no job is too tough to fill. We meet with you to understand your needs and adapt proven techniques to better serve you and your specific personnel needs. We’re here to exceed your expectations and provide you an array of candidates that will be the perfect fit for your company. You can be confident in expecting a successful pairing of personalities, as well as a qualified matching of professional skills to job requirements.

If you’re a candidate looking for a new job, things can be stressful. Searching for jobs online and using job search engines can be exhausting and disappointing. At The Wilson Group, you can be put at ease knowing that you won’t spend countless hours job hunting online – that’s something we can do for you. We listen to your career goals and needs and connect you to the right job; no more dead-end interviews or mismatched expectations. In addition, we offer candidates specialized learning opportunities to perfect their job search skills. We offer resume refreshers that can help you utilize the latest formats and key phrases/words that will impress employers. Our one-on-one interview coaching will help you prepare for your next interview and cover common questions and job-winning answers. If you’re unsure where you want to go in the future, our career coaching can help you develop a plan of action before you change careers. We’re confident that with all we have to offer we can find our candidates the perfect company match.

To be honest, we’re in the business of helping people. Whether you are a company looking for a new employee or a candidate searching for a new job, we want to do all the hard work for you. Winning in today’s business requires a careful blending of talents into teams, and that’s exactly what we do. Let us connect you to the perfect match so that you can be successful. Check out our website to get connected and find the perfect match!

Did You Know?

Did you know that TWG not only helps with personnel solutions, but also offers a variety of services to help you land your dream job? That’s right, with our Resume Refreshers, One-on-One Interview Coaching, and Career Coaching, we can put you one step closer to achieving those career goals.

Resume Refresher

As the times are changing, it is important that your resume stays relevant when applying for jobs. The Wilson Group is here to help keep your resume up-to-date and ready for that next job opportunity. We will update and refresh your resume with words and phrases that will blow your employers away! Not only that, but we will also help you navigate applying online, making sure that your resume ends up in the hands of the hiring authority. Let TWG make your resume top of the line!

One -on -One Interview Coaching

Do you find yourself ready to prep for an interview but not knowing where to start? TWG offers one-on-one coaching that will take you through every step of the interview process. Within the 1 hour session, you will be prepped in both common interview questions and job winning answers. Not only this, but we will take you through the 10 most common mistakes in interviews and teach you how to avoid them.

Career Coaching

Before changing careers, TWG can help you create a plan of action through Career Coaching. We will help you develop a career path through strength identification, giving you the confidence to achieve what is on the road ahead!

For more information check out our website.

Make the Most Out of Your Summer

The summer months are right around the corner bringing sunshine, vacations, and warmer weather with them. While many people may spend these few precious months traveling or vacationing, it’s often helpful to get a foot in the door when it comes to careers. Temporary summer jobs are an excellent way to begin a career that could, one day, turn into a permanent position. Acquiring a summer job can be difficult, however. We have put together some tips for helping you land that perfect summer job.

Make Sure Your Resume is Rock Solid– An organized and easy to read resume is a staple in applying for summer jobs. Since resumes are the first impression an employer has of you, it is important that your resume contains all pertinent information related to your past employment and skills. Also remember to keep your resume straightforward and orderly; previous jobs should be listed in chronological order from most recent to least and skills and awards should also be included.

Make Your Interview Count– According to USA Today, employers decide whether or not to hire a candidate within the first minute of an interview. Arrive early, bring your resume (and portfolio, if applicable), calm your nerves, and enter your interview with your head held high. Dress well, make sure you got a good night’s sleep the night before, and make sure to make eye contact with your interviewer.

Branch Out– Due to the short time frame allotted by summer jobs, why not try applying for jobs outside of your comfort zone? Try looking for positions in fields different from your norm, but that you still have experience in. For example, if you normally work in public relations for creative firms, try reaching into corporate jobs and trying public relations there.

In addition to these tips, acquiring references from past employers and creating a LinkedIn page can also be beneficial to your summer job search. Likewise, we would love to help you find the perfect summer job match! For more information on the services we provide or if you wish to set up an appointment, please visit our website!

Looking For A Job? What We Can Do For You!

Finding a job can be stressful; there are lengthy applications, intimidating interviews, and the anxiety that accompanies every stage of the job finding process. Before even applying for a job, it’s important to have a strong resume, impressive interview skills, and a clear idea of which career field you best fit in. Luckily enough, we offer training and aid services to help you with these often difficult facets of your job search!


Resume Aid – Because your resume is often the first impression an employer has of you, a clean and well organized resume is pertinent to your job search. We can help you update, organized, and format your resume during a resume refresher session, taking an already existing resume and make it the best it can be!


Online Application Training – Online applications can often be confusing. We can train you how to organize and create a strong online application, which is the first step in landing an interview.


Interview Coaching – It is normal to be nervous before and during interviews. However, solid preparation and coaching for the interview can help to reduce nerves and perfect your interview skills. We offer one hour training sessions in which you will be asked a myriad of questions that often arise in interviews. We will also cover job-winning answers and answers to avoid giving during interviews.


Find Your Career Path – Before switching careers or choosing a new one, we can help assess your skills and past employment, as well as your job preferences, to help guide you to a new career.


We want to find you the perfect employment match! For more information on the services we provide, please visit our website or call us at (361) 833-3535.

Employers: What can we do for you?

Finding qualified employees to fill open positions can be taxing and frustrating, especially if you are looking to hire someone as soon as possible. It may seem like you can’t find the best fit person for the position, even after searching for an extended period of time. Luckily, we can help you! Our team is dedicated to help filling your job openings with the best possible candidate in both direct and temporary hire.

If you are looking for a temporary hire employee, look no further. Often times, unexpected events can occur in the workplace that can leave a member missing from your staff. These positions are often hard to fill, as the interview process prior to hiring can be lengthy until you find the right person. We can take the time consuming interviews out of your employee search. Our temporary candidates undergo a series of interviews to make sure they are qualified for positions, ensuring that a hardworking employee who matches well with your company will be available at a moments notice.

Direct hire employees are also available. Direct hire employees are often looking to find a full time career out of their job search and are eager to fill permanent positions. Similar to our temporary hiring process, direct hire employees also participate in a variety of interviews which allow us to place them in the most suitable field according to their skills and employment history. We can pair you with the perfect match for your permanent positions by helping you find the best dependable and professional employee.

Whether you are an employee looking to hire or searching for a job, please feel free to contact us on our website or by phone at (361)883-3535 and we can help you find the perfect match!

National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and it comes as no surprise that job searches are definitely stressful. Being stressed is never fun and can even lead to negative health consequences so we want to help you take the stress out of your employment hunt. Read on to see our tips for de-stressing your job search!


Clean Up Your Resume

Being confident in your resume can take unneeded worry out of the equation. Taking time to organize and remove clutter from your resume can be a great way to destress from your job search. A clean and logically ordered resume is easiest for employers to read and understand. Instead of paragraphs, use bullet points and simplify your word choices for increased readability. List your past employment in order from most recent to less recent and remove any extraneous details that may cloud the overall message of your resume.


Take the Stress Out of Your Interview


Nervous for a big interview? Try listening to some pump up jams on your way there to take your mind off the impending meeting. Get there early, take a deep breath, and review the material you brought with you.


Take the Day Off


Turn off your computer and put down the employment classifieds. Spend the day relaxing, trying a new restaurant, hanging with friends, or reading a good book. Think about everything but your job search.

Remember How Great You Actually Are


Searching for a job can be stressful. Are you the right fit for this job? Is this job right for you? It’s easy to get weighed down and frustrated when your job search isn’t as speedy or fruitful as you would like it to be. But don’t get disappointed. Take a moment to reflect upon the fact that you are qualified, talented and worthy of great employment.


Though there is no way to totally eliminate stress, you can definitely diminish it! Let us help you reduce your stress even more by letting us help you with your job search. Contact us by phone here – 361.883.3535 or visit our website.

Clean Up Your Resume

When looking for a job, your resume is the first impression you will give to a potential employer. Essentially a summarization of your professional self on paper, your resume is a reflection of your skills and past jobs. That being said, your resume should be clean and organized in order to provide the best possible first impression to employers. We want to help you spring clean your resume, so try these tips to tidy it up!


Watch the Length: A resume should not exceed one or two pages. If your resume does, try sizing down or changing your font. Go no lower than 11 point font, however. Decreasing the size too much may decrease your resume’s readability. Also, try shortening down sentences. There is no need to be overly verbose when only a word or two would work just as well.


Remove Fluff: Only include the most relevant and recent jobs and skills in your resume. You may have an extensive list of past jobs, but not every single one needs mentioning. You can tailor your resume depending on what type of job you are applying to. For example, you may have worked in the oil industry previously and are applying for a position in another oil-related company. When submitting your resume to this company, include your past oil job. But if you are applying to a job in another field, perhaps remove it if other previous employment is more related to the job you are applying for.


Organize: Your resume should be easy to read and in logical order. Begin your resume with your name and contact information which should be bolded or in larger font than the rest of your resume so it catches employers attention and is easier to find. Instead of having bulky paragraphs with your information, try using bullet points. Easier to read and less intimidating than long paragraphs, bullet points will help make your resume look clean and simple. Also, make sure to list your past employment in chronological order, going from most recent to oldest.


After you’ve completed your resume, always proofread it, carefully checking to see if it flows well. Maybe have another person read and edit it, as well! When you are ready, submit your resume to us here and we can start your job search!

Spring Cleaning Social Media

Believe it or not, when searching through potential job candidates, employers do check personal social media accounts. Regardless of if you have an award-winning resume or stellar references, unprofessional social media posts could be the deciding factor between being hired or not. We’ve compiled some tips for cleaning up your social media, hopefully helping you turn it from personal to professional.


With both personal posts and photos available for perusing, Facebook is a great place to start your spring social media cleaning. First impressions are important, meaning the first things employers will see when reviewing your profile is your profile picture and cover photo. Go through these images, deleting anything an employer would find unprofessional: photos showing alcohol, various stages of undress, inappropriate gestures, and offensive terms or slurs in comments should be deleted. Next, visit the privacy page located under settings. Facebook’s privacy settings let you customize who can see your posts. The default setting is that everyone, regardless of if they are your friends on Facebook or not, can see what you post. We recommend changing this setting to “Only Friends”, meaning only your friends on Facebook can see your posts. Chances are, employers will not be your friends on Facebook during the job search, nor will they add you. Next, review your Activity Log. All activity on Facebook is compiled here; take a while to go through these posts, deleting anything inappropriate.


Like Facebook, Twitter accounts have a profile picture and cover photo. Make sure these pictures are appropriate. If they’re not, change them. Though it may be a tedious process, personal tweets could contain compromising content. Take the time to check for and delete any unsuitable tweets, including those with bad language or crude images.


Because of its professional nature, LinkedIn is much easier to monitor than Facebook and Twitter. However, to reach your maximum professional potential on Linkedin, it’s important to make sure your information and job experiences are up to date. Exercise some self restraint on what you post, however. There’s no need to post every job and skill you’ve ever had, rather list the most important and recent ones. Consider using a headshot for your profile picture. If you don’t have one, it may be a good idea to have one taken professionally. If you decide that you would rather take one yourself, make sure it is done well. Dress to impress, stand in a well lit area against a solid colored background, and ask a friend to photograph you from the shoulders up.


We are eager to get you matched perfectly with the right talent or the right employer. Our years of experience translate to great starts.

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