Employers: What can we do for you?

Finding qualified employees to fill open positions can be taxing and frustrating, especially if you are looking to hire someone as soon as possible. It may seem like you can’t find the best fit person for the position, even after searching for an extended period of time. Luckily, we can help you! Our team is dedicated to help filling your job openings with the best possible candidate in both direct and temporary hire.

If you are looking for a temporary hire employee, look no further. Often times, unexpected events can occur in the workplace that can leave a member missing from your staff. These positions are often hard to fill, as the interview process prior to hiring can be lengthy until you find the right person. We can take the time consuming interviews out of your employee search. Our temporary candidates undergo a series of interviews to make sure they are qualified for positions, ensuring that a hardworking employee who matches well with your company will be available at a moments notice.

Direct hire employees are also available. Direct hire employees are often looking to find a full time career out of their job search and are eager to fill permanent positions. Similar to our temporary hiring process, direct hire employees also participate in a variety of interviews which allow us to place them in the most suitable field according to their skills and employment history. We can pair you with the perfect match for your permanent positions by helping you find the best dependable and professional employee.

Whether you are an employee looking to hire or searching for a job, please feel free to contact us on our website or by phone at (361)883-3535 and we can help you find the perfect match!

Clean Up Your Resume

When looking for a job, your resume is the first impression you will give to a potential employer. Essentially a summarization of your professional self on paper, your resume is a reflection of your skills and past jobs. That being said, your resume should be clean and organized in order to provide the best possible first impression to employers. We want to help you spring clean your resume, so try these tips to tidy it up!


Watch the Length: A resume should not exceed one or two pages. If your resume does, try sizing down or changing your font. Go no lower than 11 point font, however. Decreasing the size too much may decrease your resume’s readability. Also, try shortening down sentences. There is no need to be overly verbose when only a word or two would work just as well.


Remove Fluff: Only include the most relevant and recent jobs and skills in your resume. You may have an extensive list of past jobs, but not every single one needs mentioning. You can tailor your resume depending on what type of job you are applying to. For example, you may have worked in the oil industry previously and are applying for a position in another oil-related company. When submitting your resume to this company, include your past oil job. But if you are applying to a job in another field, perhaps remove it if other previous employment is more related to the job you are applying for.


Organize: Your resume should be easy to read and in logical order. Begin your resume with your name and contact information which should be bolded or in larger font than the rest of your resume so it catches employers attention and is easier to find. Instead of having bulky paragraphs with your information, try using bullet points. Easier to read and less intimidating than long paragraphs, bullet points will help make your resume look clean and simple. Also, make sure to list your past employment in chronological order, going from most recent to oldest.


After you’ve completed your resume, always proofread it, carefully checking to see if it flows well. Maybe have another person read and edit it, as well! When you are ready, submit your resume to us here and we can start your job search!

Employers: They Know What They Want

There are countless surveys out there that have determined the top characteristics employers look for in an employee. Most managers have created their own list of characteristics to look for. Often times, even with the enumerable resources out there, many people fail to see the importance of adopting these characteristics when interviewing. We have sifted through many surveys to find the top 5 most desired qualities that employers look for. While this list may seem to be more geared towards those seeking employment, it is a good resource for managers as well to compare their own lists to. We have also added keywords or traits that fit in with these characteristics.

1. Team player – This characteristic was the prevailing trait on every survey we looked through. If you don’t play well with others, don’t expect to get a call back. If this is something you have a hard time with, practice in everyday life, outside of the job. Talk to people and get to know them. They aren’t so bad.
Traits: positive, collaborator, open

2. Eager to Learn – There is always a new way of doing something, news that is relevant to an industry, and polishing to do on your own skills. A person who is aware that he or she is not all knowing, but is always working towards being the most knowledgeable, is going to be a valuable employee.
Traits: researcher, learner, humble

3. Customer Focused – What is the most important aspect of business? The customer! Without an ever-growing population of customers coming to their businesses, managers will lose their company. An employee who can find the balance between accomplishing company goals and pleasing the customer will be indispensable.
Traits: enthusiastic, smart, empathetic

4. Motivating self and others – Being motivated to accomplish tasks and fulfill goals is a very important aspect of being employed. No manager has the time or the patience to “babysit” an employee who needs to be constantly told what to do. It also never goes unnoticed when an employee can put his or her own concerns aside and encourage co-workers. This shows an outward focus, rather than a self-focus.
Traits: positive, encourager, driven, interpersonal skills

5. Contribute and add value to organization – What is the root reason you are being hired? Managers hire new employees to add value to their company. If you are capable of making the company a better business, whether it is enhancing the work environment, bumping up the bottom line, or solving an issue, the manager will find the hire worth it.
Traits: innovative, big picture focused, hard worker

These are not absolutes, nor do they apply to every manager. We at The Wilson Group work hard to find the perfect employer/employee match, considering the needs, wants, and goals of both sides. Call us today and share your goals with us. We are sure to find your match. 361.883.3535.


We are eager to get you matched perfectly with the right talent or the right employer. Our years of experience translate to great starts.

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