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Resume Refresher: Resume styles and writing techniques are evolving. Are you staying relevant? Do you have a gap in your chronological work history or are you changing careers? Let the experts at The Wilson Group take your existing resume and refresh it! We update and refresh your resume utilizing the latest formats and key phrases/words that will impress employers. More importantly, The Wilson Group has unlocked the secret to successfully applying online. We will train you on applying online and getting your resume into the hiring authorities hands. If your current resume is not working for you, Let The Wilson Group make it a winner!

One–on–One Interview Coaching: Interviewing is an art. Are you fully prepared? Let the experts at the Wilson Group prepare you for your next interviewing success. Each session is 1 hour in length and covers common questions and job-winning answers that will help you be your best. Also, the session includes the top 10 reasons people fail in interviews and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Career Coaching: Meet with a career coach to develop a plan of action before you change careers. The Wilson Group can help identify your strengths and outline a career path for you. Have confidence in the road ahead. Let The Wilson Group guide you.


We are eager to get you matched perfectly with the right talent or the right employer. Our years of experience translate to great starts.

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