On Company Culture

One of the most overlooked elements in regards to finding success and happiness within a workplace is understanding the company’s culture. The company’s culture can range anywhere from strictly formal and professional to creative and casual. A company’s culture is much more than the image reflected to the public. The culture is also about how the members of the company interact with one another, how they dress, how the office space is presented, and how the company relates with their customers and clients. Some companies may have a very strong culture with deeply ingrained roots and values, and others may not have such an obvious one. Understanding a company’s culture is key to knowing if you will fit in with the company and if the company is a good fit for you.

Do Your Homework:
Before applying for a job, make sure you understand a company’s culture. This is not only key to acing a job interview, but also ensuring this job will be a positive fit. A company’s website is a great way to start understanding their culture. Videos, blogs, and pictures give great insight into what a company believes in and how they interact with one another. Second, checking other online reviews is another way to capture what the company’s clients and employees think and feel about that company. However, one caveat to online reviews is they are often on either ends of the spectrum, being either extremely negative or extremely positive. Most people with average or normal feelings about a company will not take the time to write a review for the world to see. Finally, a great way to capture a company’s culture is to look into the company’s social media sites. These will give the most genuine representation of a company’s culture through posts, events, and photos.

Understand Their Mission Statement:
The mission statement is inherently their culture in a few sentences. Most companies have a mission statement that allows one to understand their core values as a company. Be critical with their mission statement to fully understand if it aligns with your own mission and values. If it does not, than the company may not be the best fit for you, and it much better knowing this from the get go.

Observe Their Environment:
The interview is not only the best way for the company to get to know you, but also the best way for you to get to know who they are and what they stand for. Don’t let nerves get the best of you, and solely focus on what you are going to say to the interviewer. Instead, look around, and take some time to observe their culture. What does their office look like? What do people wear when they come to work? Are co-workers mingling or getting along? One of the most important parts of an interview is that you ask questions yourself. Be sure to include at least one question geared toward the company culture to the interviewer, it not only helps you understand their culture, but also shows the interviewer that you care about their mission and values.

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Company Culture

Company culture is the atmosphere that is created by the day to day happenings, including verbal and nonverbal communications within the workspace. There are a lot of factors that inform the culture such as the specific industry your company works in, the presence your company has, or even the people that inhabit the space. Company culture has previously been overshadowed by the sheer reputation or size of the organization. While these factors may still be important, job seekers are now starting to pay attention to the ‘feel’ of a company when deciding where to commit the next 40 years of their life. Company culture is now becoming more visible due social media, and this fact can be great for companies and job seekers. Companies now have an opportunity to promote their unique culture to attract the right type of employee, while those on the job hunt have a chance to preview the culture of the company they are prospecting. So for companies and job seekers alike, make sure you exploring this important aspect of the organization.

As a company, your culture is important to work on because job seekers consider company culture an important factor when deciding where to work. Use social media outlets to give outsiders a glimpse inside your company. This may mean you have to be a little more careful and consistent with what goes into your posts, but you will reap the benefits of being a relatable organization. However, if you are still hesitant, relaying the message of your company’s culture can be as simple as describing it during your interview with a candidate. Have a conversation with them about your culture and see if they align with those values.

For job seekers, keeping company culture in mind may mean a little more work. Now that companies are investing time into establishing a company culture, you want to take extra time to show why and how you fit into the mix. Your cover letter is a great opportunity for you to explain what you could bring to the culture. Also, you can mention what you have discovered and like about the company’s culture during the interview.

The importance of company culture is definitely on the rise, and will stick around for a long time. What is your company’s culture like? Let us know! Also be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more recruiting and job searching tips!




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