How to Answer the Dreaded Question: “Tell Me About Yourself”

Any person interviewing for a job will tell you that the first question is usually the hardest:

“Tell me about yourself.”

Now, before you panic and spout off information about your love for snow skiing or old movies, make sure you are prepared so you can definitely wow your potential employer.

For our first tip, keep it professional. The person interviewing you is trying to get a broad overview of who you are, professionally speaking. Feel free to give an overview of your professional background, or any information that you consider relevant to the job. Typically avoid mentioning your spouse, children, family or hometown, unless relevant. For example, if the job involves relocation to an area where you previously resided, then it is perfectly acceptable to mention that you had lived in that area before. Including that information shows that you would not be fickle in regard to relocation.

Secondly, be sure to practice your answer out loud and repeat it frequently to make sure you know it well and you will be prepared for your interview. Start with a strong, simple statement related to the job and then follow up with a description of your work history that shows how perfect you are for that job opening!

Don’t stress about the job interview. Make sure you are prepared, and you’ll be feeling confident and ready! Want more help preparing for your interview?  We have coaches that can provide you with the help you need to feel comfortable and confident in your interviews. Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and read more blog posts for great job tips and suggestions.


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