Maximizing Your Summer Job


Having a summer job or internship is a great way to gain real world experience and get hands-on learning. Because summer employment typically only lasts about three months, it is important to make every day count. You want to learn as much as possible and jump on every opportunity presented to ensure that you make your summer job worthwhile. Follow these three simple steps to ensure that you maximize your summer job!


Be a self-starter.

Often time employers allocate more time than necessary for a task. If you finish early, ask for more work! When you take initiative and ask for more work, chances are that your employer will be more than happy to give you something else to do – therefore giving you another opportunity to learn. It is also important to ask questions. It is very typical for a company to have a specific way of doing things, but it’s okay to ask why. A majority of the time, your boss or manager will be impressed with your curiosity and be willing to explain to you why things are done a specific way. Again, this gives you another opportunity to learn.



Being the “new guy” in the office can be awkward and uncomfortable. However, if there’s one thing that most people have in common, it’s that they love talking about themselves. Reach out to your coworkers and make an effort to get to know them. Engaging with others will not only make work more enjoyable, but it doubles as an excellent way to network with others in your field. You already have one thing in common: your company, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find common ground on other topics as well. As important as it is to make these connections, it is just as important to keep these connections even after your summer employment has ended. Keep in contact and continue to grow these relationships – it will help you in the long run!


Have fun.

This may seem obvious and overstated, but having fun in the workplace is vital to success. There is a strong correlation between those who have fun in the workplace and those who are successful. Typically, the more fun you have, the more successful you are. “Fun” comes in different forms for different people, so make sure you find your own fun. It may be watching a silly video during your lunch break or sharing a new joke with a coworker. Whatever your fun may be, embrace it. It will make work more amusing, and besides, who doesn’t want to have fun?!


Although summer jobs are short, there are still plenty of opportunities for both personal and professional growth. If you spent your summer job being a self-starter, networking, and having fun, it’s safe to say that your manager would be more than happy to write you an excellent recommendation. If you’re looking to find a job, come check out our website. We would love to help you find an amazing job where you can learn and grow!

Make the Most Out of Your Summer

The summer months are right around the corner bringing sunshine, vacations, and warmer weather with them. While many people may spend these few precious months traveling or vacationing, it’s often helpful to get a foot in the door when it comes to careers. Temporary summer jobs are an excellent way to begin a career that could, one day, turn into a permanent position. Acquiring a summer job can be difficult, however. We have put together some tips for helping you land that perfect summer job.

Make Sure Your Resume is Rock Solid– An organized and easy to read resume is a staple in applying for summer jobs. Since resumes are the first impression an employer has of you, it is important that your resume contains all pertinent information related to your past employment and skills. Also remember to keep your resume straightforward and orderly; previous jobs should be listed in chronological order from most recent to least and skills and awards should also be included.

Make Your Interview Count– According to USA Today, employers decide whether or not to hire a candidate within the first minute of an interview. Arrive early, bring your resume (and portfolio, if applicable), calm your nerves, and enter your interview with your head held high. Dress well, make sure you got a good night’s sleep the night before, and make sure to make eye contact with your interviewer.

Branch Out– Due to the short time frame allotted by summer jobs, why not try applying for jobs outside of your comfort zone? Try looking for positions in fields different from your norm, but that you still have experience in. For example, if you normally work in public relations for creative firms, try reaching into corporate jobs and trying public relations there.

In addition to these tips, acquiring references from past employers and creating a LinkedIn page can also be beneficial to your summer job search. Likewise, we would love to help you find the perfect summer job match! For more information on the services we provide or if you wish to set up an appointment, please visit our website!


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