Summer Office Tips

The sun is hot and the beach is calling your name, while you are stuck in the office. Working during the summer can sometime feel tedious and slow, many blaming this lull on a summer slump. The best way to combat this slump and motivate yourself in the office this summer is to follow some easy tips.

Light Snacks or Water
Drink lots of water to stay hydrated during the heat! According to Mayo Clinic men need 13 cups of water per day while women need at least 9 cups. It’s very important to remember that even during the workday, though you may not feel the heat, your body still needs to stay hydrated. Keeping cool snacks around the office might be the energizing treat you need to stay cool. Having fruit such as berries, cut up peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums and melons are go-to’s when it comes to a light snack to eat around the office.

Scarf or Cardigan
Even though it might be warm outside, the office you work in might try and combat this weather by using the AC on full blast. While it might feel good when you first come in, having the office this cold throughout the day might give you the chills. Women are particularly susceptible, being that they are usually in fewer layers of clothing. Bringing a light sweater or summer scarf is a good way to stay warm in a cold office during the summer.

Barbecue or Picnic
One of the best ways to get your coworkers together and take advantage of the sunny weather is to have an office barbecue or picnic. Hosting a get together during the lunch hour or after work is a good way to get to know who you’re working with in a more relaxed setting. Connecting with other could drastically improve morale and it is a great way to get outside.

Light fabrics or layers
Dressing for the workplace during the summer can be difficult. The best way to dress for the heat outside (conflicting with the AC) is by wearing layers and cooler fabrics. Fabrics such as cotton and linen are a great place to start. Wearing multiple layers that are all office appropriate is another way to beat the heat, you can gradually take off layers as you are going outdoors.

Vacation or Staycation
Vacation time is definitely a catch-22 the higher you climb the corporate ladder, the more vacation you are usually allowed, but the less inclined you are to use it. With all of the responsibilities you have, the less you are inclined to take a long break. Be sure to let you team know far ahead of time before taking time off, but make sure to take time when you need it! If you can’t take a long vacation, a stay-cation might be a better option. Taking a day or two to stay at home and take care of yourself or walk around your town and do something you love, might be the break you need!

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Keep Your Office Healthy

It can be hard maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working. Here at The Wilson Group, we believe a healthy person leads to a healthy career. In order to help you kickstart your office health plan, we have provided these simple tips!


Start your day right

The course of your day is set right when you wake up in the morning. In order to lead a more productive and less stressful professional life, it is important to maintain a morning routine. Spending a few minutes in silence, whether through meditation, journaling, or drinking a cup of coffee, is key in releasing stress before the day starts. After doing this, eat a healthy breakfast (perhaps with a big cup of coffee) and you will be on your way to a healthier day at the office!


Pack light

Snacking at the office can be a challenging habit to break! With all of the treats that get brought in on a daily basis, it can be hard not to indulge. In order to steer clear of these temptations, pack a healthy snack before heading to the office. If you have a snack like carrots & hummus, or apples & peanut butter sitting by your desk, it will be easier to say no to the heavy snacking!


Get Up and Move

Most jobs require sitting a desk all day, and with that it can be hard to reach those 18,000 steps we’re prescribed each day. To help get closer to that goal, try setting a timer for each hour as a reminder to get up and take a walk around the office or down the block. Also, remember to try and schedule in time for exercise outside of the working hours. Just 10 minutes of exercise can increase productivity and lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

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