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Staying Strong During the Job Search


Finding a job can be a difficult process and often involve a lot of time revising your resume, updating social media platforms, reaching out to people and waiting to hear back from employers. It may not be easy but the hard work will be worth it when you find a job! In the meantime, take a look at these tips to stay strong during the job search.

Stay Positive
Positivity is one of the most important things to have during your job search. Although you will probably have some good and bad days, do your best to stay confident in yourself and your abilities. Write notes on your mirror, reflect on successful experiences in the past and look for various opportunities for the future. Creating a schedule can also help you stay focused and positive about your job search efforts. Don’t lose sight of all you have achieved and the hard work you have put in to get you where you are today, you can do this!

Use your Connections
While it is always good to constantly build connections it is also important to use them. Connect with your previous employers and professionals in your industry and see if there are any positions available at their company or another company they know. LinkedIn is also a good way to look at your connections, research companies and job opportunities.

Refresh and Refuel
Don’t forget to take breaks too, it is important to refuel and give your mind and body a chance to be refreshed. So, go for a walk, join a yoga class, and eat healthy, all of these things can help stimulate your mind and make you feel your best. Also, make plans with friends because even if they have jobs it will be a good opportunity for you to feel connected and maybe they know about a job opportunity!

Stay Plugged In
Industries are constantly evolving and it is beneficial to stay updated on new advancements. Follow industry profiles and influential users on social media platforms and research news in your industry. Also, try to incorporate your knowledge into your next interview to show employers your passion for the industry and dedication for the future.

Take these tips and put them to them into practice to help better your job search. You can do this and TWG is also here to assist you. Contact us at (361) 883-3535 and look at our website for more information on job opportunities and how TWG can help you find a job!

Keep Yourself Marketable


Many of us have gone through an unemployment slump. Whether we were laid off or in hopes of a new opportunity, many people have found themselves without a job. During this time, it is important to maintain and continue to grow yours skills. Often times, employers will look past your period of unemployment and appreciate your continued efforts to grow as a worker. Here are some things you can do to boost your resume and hireability while looking for a new job.

1. Temporary/Contract Jobs
Temp jobs or contract jobs are great way to keep your skills sharp and continue to build your portfolio. Even though the job will only last for a short time, you can still let your abilities shine through your work. Showing that you can do great work for a job that has an expiration date is an indicator to employers that you have strong work ethic and integrity.

2. Volunteer
In our socially and environmentally aware society, volunteer work can go a long way when applying for jobs. It allows employers to catch a glimpse of your character and shows that money isn’t number one.

3. Seminars/Webinars
There are many great resources out there for people of all industries and skills. Attending a seminar on your industry or participating in a webinar shows employers that you want to grow as an employee. Having employees who are willing to learn and know that there is always room for improvement are invaluable.

4. Take Classes
It’s time to go back and hit the books! A great way to further your career and impress employers is to take classes while you’re unemployed. Many community colleges offer individual classes as well as online classes. It never hurts to learn more about your field or learn a new industry. You may find you will qualify for a variety of positions by taking classes that focus on different aspects of your industry.

5. Join Professional Organizations
Professional organizations not only provide a plethora of resources in speakers and industry materials, but also in networking. By attending events put on by these organizations, you can widen your network with people within your industry as well as add connections from other industries. By making these connections, your chances of getting a job increase through recommendations and a potential inside track to companies for which you are applying.

Unemployment doesn’t mean you spend your days on job sites in your PJs. It is essential to continue developing your skills and stay connected with those in your industry. If you need help in your job search, visit our homepage  to set up an appointment with one of our recruiters. We are here to help!

New Approach for 2013


With the approach of the New Year, it is time to look back, analyze and re-evaluate your job searching methods from 2012. With a new year comes new opportunity, and it is imperative for job seekers to “think outside the box” when planning for a job search in 2013. Here are a few ways to think in macro, outside the box terms when seeking new opportunities:

Show The Real You

Think about how you treat the best people you know. Whether these are family members or close friends, analyze how you interact and show them the respect you believe they deserve. Take this method of interaction and apply it to those who are conducting your interviews. This will allow the potential employer to see the real, genuine you, and perhaps, a position based on your actions towards the employer in the interview.

Research Research Research

Turn up the heat on the level of research you perform when seeking out potential employers. You can never know too much about one company, and you never know what small detail or fact you mention might land you a position you otherwise would not have received. You can never know too much information about a potential employer.

Maintain You Network of Contacts

Even after you land that dream position, continue to network and maintain the contacts you made during the job seeking process; you never know when these contacts might come in handy again. You might also be able to use them when helping a fellow job seeker in their search for permanent employment.

If you are looking to revamp you job search in the New Year, be sure and contact us via our website. Don’t forget to also check out our updated list of job opportunities and send us a resume if you believe you are qualified for one of our many open positions.

Resume Design Matters! Tips and Tricks

Many sites will answer the question “how do I write a resume,” but not as many address the question of “how do I design a resume.” Don’t worry: no one expects a fancy infographic-style resume (unless, perhaps, when hiring a graphic designer). But you still need to make sure that a first glance at your resume won’t turn off a hiring manager— and ideally that it will intrigue them. You may not be a graphic designer, but don’t worry! You can still have a great-looking resume if you follow these tips:

1. Start with a Template
Templates are a great way to get a head start on designing a solid resume, and you can find them for pretty much any word processor out there! Here are links to templates for some of the major processors:
Microsoft Word
Apple Pages
Google Docs
Open Office

But don’t think that plugging your info into a template is enough! These are easy to find, so you can bet a lot of job seekers use them— maybe even ones applying to the same jobs as you! Do your best to tweak the design’s colors and look.

2. Use Caution While Handling Fonts
It may be tempting to use grand, sweeping fonts throughout your resume. Or maybe you prefer the chipper, cheerful look of Comic Sans. In either case, be careful what fonts you choose, and stick to about two: one for headlines, and one for the rest of your resume’s text (such as your job history and objective). Traditionally, designers recommend a “serif” font (one with little ticks at the ends of each letter, such as Times New Roman or Helvetica) for the main body of text and a “sans serif” font (one without the ticks, like Arial and Calibri) for headlines.

3. Consider Printing When You Design
Many employers (and perhaps you yourself) will want to print your resume, so avoid using colored backgrounds or large, detailed images. These suck up ink and don’t always look very good on a standard printer, so save yourself time and money and stick to a traditional white background.

4. Separate Headlines from Body Text
Your resume should be broken up into several sections, such as your objective, education, job history, skills, achievements, references, memberships, etc. Each section should have its own headline that clearly separates it from the section’s text. If you’re not sure how to start, simply bold the headline text and perhaps increase its font by a point or two. Don’t go too crazy- you don’t want your headlines to take up the whole page!

5. Leave Some White Space
While you don’t necessarily have to keep your resume down to one page, many people do for simplicity’s sake, and that’s great! However, some of them attempt to cram that one page too full of text to really be readable, much less enticing. Stick to standard margins, and make smart use of bullet-point lists where appropriate such as in your skills and job history, so that a straight paragraph in a couple of sections makes sense. However, you don’t want every section to be a list either: it’s all about balance!

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