Back to Basics: Silly Resume Mistakes

resume mistakes

You can find a plethora of advice and articles that contain intermediate and advanced tips for improving your resume. However, sometimes it’s good to go back to the beginning and review some of the basics. Typos, misspellings and poor grammar will get your resume tossed much quicker than using passive language or not writing effective section headings.

Sometimes candidates get so focused on the difficult bits of the resume that they bungle some of the easy stuff. Here are a few very basic, but very common resume mistakes.

Can you spell your own name?
Okay, so I’ve never seen a resume in which the writer actually misspelled his or her own name.
Believe it or not, however, people misspell the name of their city and/or state all the time. Whether it’s just a typo, or you just moved to Mississippi and you still miss the occasional “s” or “p”, it doesn’t look good.

Don’t rush through the proofreading of your contact information – you’d be surprised what you might miss.

“Mr. Smith is outstanding candidate”
Many people make the mistake of writing their resume in the first person. For example, you should never say “I increased sales by 50 percent”. Resumes should always be written in the third person. However, writing in the third person and referring to yourself in the third person are very different things.

If you want to turn off a hiring manager, use the following summary as an example:

“John Smith is an outstanding leader with 20 years of experience in turning around underperforming departments. Mr. Smith has undergone extensive sales training and he is ready to put it to work for your company.”

That paragraph is perfect for someone else to write as a reference for you. However, you should remember that you are not your own reference!

Okay, now just hit the spellcheck key and you’re done!
Spellcheck is not a fail-safe. It will catch misspelled words, but it won’t recognize your grammar fouls. Grammar is a particular pet peeve of many hiring managers, so mixing up you’re & your, its & it’s, hear and here, their and they’re, to & too, and lose & loose will lose (not loose) you the interview.

We have extensive experience helping job candidates perfect their resumes, so whether you need basic or advanced assistance, please contact us. If you’re in the market for a new career opportunity, please take a look at our list of open positions.

Mobile Apps for Job Search On-the-Go


From desktop to laptop to mobile – the way we access information and communicate is becoming more on-the-go by the minute. The same goes for job searching. Mobile technology allows us to learn about new opportunities faster than ever, which means we also have a need to respond faster than ever.

Here are three mobile apps that will help you keep on top of your job search and take advantage of opportunities while they’re still hot.

1. DropBox (free)
Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of being at home when you hear about a hot new job opening. DropBox is a free cloud app that allows you to pull documents – including your resume – into a folder that can be accessed on any mobile device. You can move your resume (and any other documents, photos or videos) into your DropBox folder from your home computer and voila – you can access it from your phone and attach it to an email when opportunity strikes.

There are other apps that will allow you to create a resume directly on your phone and save it as a PDF, if you’re so inclined. However, it seems like an unnecessary extra step if you can access your original Word formatted resume (which is friendlier for automated applicant tracking systems) just as easily. If you’re interested in checking it out, however, Pocket Resume ($2.99) is one of the more popular and well reviewed resume apps.

2. ScanBizCards (Lite version – free; full version – $6.99)
Despite all of our technological advances, if you attend a networking event, you’re bound to leave with a handful of old-fashioned business cards. You’ll have the best intentions of going home and entering them into your contacts right away. However, best intentions often turn into a stack of cards on your desk that inevitably get scattered and/or brushed away under piles of paper.

ScanBizCards allows you to scan cards directly into your phone and create a new contact. If that’s not enough, it also offers integration with LinkedIn, allowing you to send an invitation to connect; it will allow you to export your new contact to an Excel spreadsheet; and it backs up your scanned cards to the cloud so they can be accessed from any browser.

3. Interviews (free)
Acing the interview is the toughest part of the job search. This app from is an all-in-one kit that will help you organize, prep and follow up on your interview. Besides access to expert advice and coaching, the app also offers some nice extras like an integrated map feature with driving directions to your location; the ability to organize notes and create reminders; and the ability to record answers to tough questions with video, audio or text so you can review and perfect your responses.

Although these apps can help you tremendously in your job search, there is also something to be said for live, person-to-person advice. We have extensive experience helping candidates with resumes and interview skills, and if you contact us we’d be happy to help you with any job search questions. We may also have the perfect opportunity waiting for you – please check out our list of open positions.


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