Corpus Christi Industry Opportunity

Industry is crucial to the success of a town. Influx of business and production not only adds to the financial success of an area, but also to its people and their happiness. The opportunity of jobs, as well as new consumer and city-regulated services in a variety of fields, allow our daily lives to continue as they are now, if not improve them greatly. Corpus Christi is not exempt from these benefits, as new industry plant projects are popping up all over San Patricio County!

 New plant construction projects have swept the county in recent months, in industries such as chemical and steel production, amongst others. Offering jobs in areas such as construction, mechanical operations and management, it’s time to get yourself ready for all of those potential employment opportunities- and TWG is here to help!

Check out our website or Facebook page for information on resume do’s and don’ts, cover letter formatting, implementing social media networking into your job hunt, and other pertinent job search information. These companies could start hiring any day, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. We also offer direct hire services, if you are looking for employment on a shorter timeline. Whatever your employment needs, we’re here to help.

The Corpus Christi Oil Industry

It comes as no surprise that Corpus Christi has always been a major player in the oil and gas industry. The Corpus Christi Bay, where the majority of offshore drilling occurs, is the 5th largest bay in the United States, with 6 oil refineries and over a thousand oil wells. Corpus’ onshore oil drilling is also quite lucrative. Jobs in this industry are fruitful due to the large amount of positions offered by the various oil wells and refineries, but the industry just hit a huge boom, increasing job positions available. The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 brought the largest surge of oil exportation since 2007 with the new movement of Eagle Ford crude oil through the Corpus port. According to, the annual number of oil exportation vessels passing through Corpus Christi have increased by almost a thousand since 2011, and the amount of crude oil barges doubled. This boom has benefited the economy, in addition to providing many new jobs.


So let us help you! The Wilson Group are very familiar with the Corpus oil and gas industry and we’d love to help you find a job within it. As the export rates continue to go, so will the number of careers available. Check out our available positions here or give us a call at 316-883-3535 and we’ll find you the perfect job match.


Networking Tips and Tricks

This year The Wilson Group wants to encourage you to network. Networking can look much different with the technology of today, as you can do so with social media sites such as LinkedIn, by emailing friends, or by attending networking events! We want you to get your name out there!

Networking Events
Go to at least one face-to-face networking event a week. You can use Google or your daily newspaper to find them. Make sure to leave your resume at home but bring some business cards and start talking. Get comfortable starting conversations and just talk about the event and the other person, taking interest in what they have to say. If it’s appropriate, within a couple of minutes, describe your own situation. Include previous experience and that you are looking for a new opportunity.

Networking on LinkedIn
There are three major ideas to remember when updating your LinkedIn profile for networking for a new job.

  • Get detailed. Make sure that you add as much detail in your profile as possible. A detailed profile is a strong profile. Try and add as much experience as you can and be specific as to what skills you have. Add all of your contact information to make it easy for businesses to contact you if they have an opportunity that fits you.
  • Proofread. Businesses will often look at your LinkedIn profile to see how good you are at communicating. If your LinkedIn profile has a typo, the company will think that you are not a very skilled writer, which can hurt your chances at getting a job. Treat your LinkedIn account as you would a resume.
  • Get a good picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. If your picture is professional and has a good resolution, you are really well off. If not, have a professional picture taken of yourself that you could use in a work environment.

Networking With Friends
Make sure to get old classmates, colleagues family and friends involved in your job search. Drop an email just catching up and make sure to include that you are looking for a job. This is an easy way to find out if there are position open in businesses that aren’t posting. You may also want to make job search business cards to carry around with you in case you see someone while you are at the gym or grocery store.

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What To Wear To An Interview

With the new year just around the corner, your job search should be on its way to success! The best way to proceed is to get prepared for your new year interviews. You can do this by researching the company and getting answers ready for some questions about you. For other advice on preparation, look at our first impressions blog. The next best thing is to find an interview outfit. Here are some things to consider when deciding on your look:

Do some research
Look online to see if there are any pictures from an office function to get a look at some possibilities. You can also get a cup of coffee close to the office and check out the attire from there. If you are still lost, you can ask the local professional organization and ask what they would suggest. The best way to ensure you are a good fit at the company is to look like you belong. Dressing similarly to others in the office is a safe and calculated decision.

Choose a solid color
Patterns can be distracting. A better choice is a clean, solid color. This usually looks more flattering on the professional and does not distract. Using a solid color shirt and neutral pants is a very classic look that adds a little personality. Never go too bright with the color choice, but something other than black is preferable.

Try the sit down test
Before going to your interview, try your outfit on the night before. Sit down and make sure everything is tailored appropriately. Make sure the outfit looks modest when sitting or standing. Also, be sure that your accessories add to the outfit. Pick one statement piece and make sure the other jewelry is understated, as not to look too gaudy and distract the interviewer.

We hope these tips help you find your perfect outfit. For more help in finding a position or more tips on job searching and interviewing take a look at our Pinterest boards.

How To Differentiate Yourself In Your Job Search

In the next five years, there will be an expected 65,000 jobs with high demand in healthcare, construction, welding and engineering. The job boom is going to build the South Texas economy, give jobs to many locals, and also potentially bring many people to the Corpus Christi area for job opportunities. That being said, how will you differentiate yourself from other applicants to get the job you want? Here are some tips that can help set you apart.

Be yourself. Make sure that you are honest about everything in your resume and never lie about your skills or experience during an interview.

Have a skill. Be an expert at something in your field. Make sure you are at the cutting edge of this niche and research this particular skill as often as you can. Your expertise will be an excellent way to set yourself apart from other applicants in the job market.

Be well-rounded. Outside of having a skill, you should be knowledgeable on a number of topics in your field. This will help your job flexibility. You will be able to fit into a number of job openings and even if you miss out on a particular job, the company may be more likely to hire you for a future position.

Be creative. Depending on the job you want, you should try something that helps you stick out. Bring up a unique experience about an internship you had during your interview to describe one of your skills. You can even try presenting your resume in a fun way that will ensure the company remembers your name.

Brighten the room. Try to look happy during your time at the company. Dress appropriately for the interview and then let your experience and creativity shine. Self-confidence can be your best friend in getting a job. An employer is much more likely to hire someone that can bring that spark of excitement to the organization!

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Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Not getting any job offers? Frustrated with how long your job search is taking? Ask yourself the following questions to be sure your are not sabotaging your job search.

1. Do you only look when you’re desperate?
Never stop networking, even when you’re at your dream job. You never know what might happen, and if you have an updated LinkedIn page and you’ve kept up with your connections, a recruiter may be contacting you before you’re even looking for a job.

2. Are you bringing up money too soon?
Don’t let hiring managers think that you’re more interested in how much the job pays. Money is a delicate subject and don’t ask too soon, or you may turn off your hiring manager.

3. Have you talked bad about your last company?
Always be professional. That means no bashing your last company, no matter what your feelings are. Don’t let hiring managers think that you might do the same after you leave their company as well.

4. Is your resume the length of a Tolstoy novel?
Short, sweet, and to the point. Only include what’s relevant. You need your resume to be attention-grabbing. Not dread-causing.

5. Have you forgotten your manners?
Always write a thank-you note after an interview. E-mail AND handwritten. This is your chance to say anything you didn’t say during your interview.

6. Have you harrassed your hiring manager for answers?
No one enjoys the child on the road trip constantly asking “Are we there yet?” So don’t be that person to hiring managers. If you got the job, they will contact you.

7. What comes up when you Google yourself?
Always double-check what comes up when you Google yourself. If your social media pages/websites are anything but professional, that will definitely hurt your chances of getting the job.

8. Are you too picky?
Are you only applying to jobs with a certain job title at a certain company? Expand your job search and your options. Don’t limit yourself based on salary. Yes, you should know what salary range you’d want, but also keep in mind things that help if salary isn’t quite ideal: benefits, hours, vacation, etc.

9. Are you unwilling to take chances on contract/temporary work?
This could really help you get to networking within a company. Many companies will hire people who have worked temporarily for them after seeing the difference they make in the company. It is always a good thing to do to get your foot in the door.

10. Are you too self-obsessed?
If you walk into an interview embittered by application rejections and a lack of job offers, you’re most likely thinking “what’s in this for me?” Well, don’t. Companies are trying to find the best fit for the position, and you need to prove that to them.

So have you been doing these things? If so, then it is OK. Now you know what to do to make sure that you’re job-searching properly.

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Get the Most Out of Your Job Search

The last thing you want to do in a job search is waste time. Here are some tips to make sure you stay productive!

1. Set Goals.
This is the best way to help you stay focused on the big picture: getting you a job! Create daily, short-term and long-term goals to help you stay motivated and encouraged.

2. Create a Written Schedule.

Create a written schedule that lists when applications are due, and what you need to do each day to stay on track. Write in when you need to follow-up and you’ll be on time and ready to impress your potential employers.

3. Change Up Your Approach.

Try ways to keep the job search interesting, whether that means using snail mail instead of email for sending in your resume and cover letter or going to more networking events. Sitting at your computer for hours on end sending out applications will make you go crazy!

4. Do Some Research.

Research thoroughly to find the address, phone number and name of the hiring manager. This may seem like a pain, but it’s worth the effort!

Don’t get discouraged in your job search! What do you do to stay motivated? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

How to Answer the Dreaded Question: “Tell Me About Yourself”

Any person interviewing for a job will tell you that the first question is usually the hardest:

“Tell me about yourself.”

Now, before you panic and spout off information about your love for snow skiing or old movies, make sure you are prepared so you can definitely wow your potential employer.

For our first tip, keep it professional. The person interviewing you is trying to get a broad overview of who you are, professionally speaking. Feel free to give an overview of your professional background, or any information that you consider relevant to the job. Typically avoid mentioning your spouse, children, family or hometown, unless relevant. For example, if the job involves relocation to an area where you previously resided, then it is perfectly acceptable to mention that you had lived in that area before. Including that information shows that you would not be fickle in regard to relocation.

Secondly, be sure to practice your answer out loud and repeat it frequently to make sure you know it well and you will be prepared for your interview. Start with a strong, simple statement related to the job and then follow up with a description of your work history that shows how perfect you are for that job opening!

Don’t stress about the job interview. Make sure you are prepared, and you’ll be feeling confident and ready! Want more help preparing for your interview?  We have coaches that can provide you with the help you need to feel comfortable and confident in your interviews. Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and read more blog posts for great job tips and suggestions.

Reasons to Relocate


In today’s market, more and more people have to relocate to new cities to find the jobs. While many are reluctant to moving and up rooting their family, there are benefits to taking a job in a new city. Here are some reasons to take the plunge and relocate.

1. A New Opportunity
The best reason to relocate is really simple. You were offered a position at a new company. By accepting the job offer, you have the opportunity to try something new and add to your resume. If it’s a job that meets all the ticks on the checklist, it could be hard to pass up.

2. Broaden Your Horizons
Moving to a new city can open a lot of doors. You get to learn about and become part of a new culture and experience a different way to living. Each city has its own personality; get to know it! New friends, new hobbies and activities, and new lifestyles are waiting to be discovered!

3. Professional Growth
Taking the new job could mean growth professionally. A new job presents many new opportunities, including the enhancement of your skill set and professional knowledge. By taking the risk of moving for a new job, you will be more open to taking risks in other aspects of your career.

Whatever your reasons are for considering relocation, it’s important to keep in mind your finances, family situation, and the job itself. If all of those aspects line up, why not take the plunge? If you are looking for a new opportunity, we can help! Visit our website and find us on LinkedIn in our group and company page.

Follow-Up or Be Forgotten

Following up on an interview can be tricky business. You want to ensure you stand out among the other applicants, but not for the wrong reasons. Here are three ways to follow-up after an interview that won’t get you on the block list.

1. Send a thank-you note. – This should be done no matter what. Whether it is a handwritten note sent the next day or an email immediately following the interview, a thank-you note goes a long way. It shows you are interested and thankful for their time. Keep it brief and sincere.

2. Share a relevant industry article. – In order to keep up the engagement and help the recruiter remember you, try sending him or her a relevant article. Make sure the article is from a credible source, is current, and pertains to something discussed during the interview. This keeps the lines of communication open and shows you have industry knowledge.

3. Ask to connect on LinkedIn. – You’re looking to be part of this organization. Connecting on LinkedIn shows you are ready to take the next step. When you send the request, be sure to write a customized note so they know who you are and what your purpose is. If you can, provide an incentive for them as well by offering to connect them with a relevant industry contact of yours. It’s all about who you know.

While doing these follow-ups doesn’t guarantee a job, they can help set you apart from the rest. Showing you are eager to be part of their team as well as knowledgeable about their industry is imperative in the job-hunting process. If you need help with finding the right career match for you, visit our website and set up an appointment. We can help you every step of the way!


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